Hurricane Wind Load Testing

We have the following units tested under FBC (Florida Building Code) Approval. These can be used within and outside the HVHZ (High Velocity Hurricane Zone). FBC approved openings can be used anywhere hurricane approved doors are required. FBC approval has now become the standard for hurricane wind load testing, but you may still run across some specs that specify NOA's (Notice Of Acceptance) only. You will mostly find NOA's specified in Broward, Dade, and Palm Beach Counties in Florida.

NOTE: We will supply you with the correct approvals you need when we supply a job to you. However, you can use this as a reference to see what is available or if you need approvals immediately.


  • Steelcraft FBC Approvals Summary. This is a summary of Steelcraft Wind Load Approvals with approval numbers shown. You can then enter the approval number in the FBC site linked below and see all the specifics of that approval. 


  • Steelcraft Windstorm Doors Product Profile. This is a 3 page "Product Profile" showing what Steelcraft offers, including the available options, in their Wind Load tested doors. To view and print the actual FBC Product Approvals, please follow these 4 steps:


  • Go to the FBC Product Approval site.
  • Find the "Product Manufacturer" field
  • Select "Schlage Lock Company, LLC" from the dropdown menu and click "Search"
  • Select the desired link to view and print the full approvals with all details



  • Curries Windstorm Summary Sheet. This is a 1 page summary from Curries with information on their Wind Load tested doors.


  • Curries Windstorm Technical Data. As you can see on this sheet, Curries windstorm testing is quite extensive. That sheet shows a complete list of all Curries tested products with the FL# (FBC approval number) in the far right column. You can find the configuration you need, copy that FL#, then go to the FBC Product Approval site. Once there, enter that number in the second box (next to "FL"), then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Search. All the information you need will come up once you click on the link under "FL#". If your FL# does not come up, please change the "Code Version" box from 2017 to 2014.


Some things to know:

  • ANSI A250.13 Technical information from the Steel Door Institute on "Testing and Rating of Severe Windstorm Resistant Components for Swinging Door Assemblies."
  • Wind Speed to Design Pressure Chart
  • You only need an impact rating within 1 mile of the coast and/or where the rating is for 120+ mph winds.
  • Wind-Borne Debris Region is areas that require protection for 120 mph and above winds
  • TAS 201 is the Large and Small Missile Test Standards
  • TAS 202 is the Uniform Structural Load Standards
  • TAS 203 is the Uniform Cyclic Pressure Test Standards
  • HVHZ stands for High Velocity Hurricane Zone (Broward, Dade, Palm Beach Counties)
  • BWS stands for Basic Wind Speed.