Arc (Stick) Welding versus Mig

23 Mar 2019 08:41 - 23 Mar 2019 09:00 #33 by SteveB
I started in this business back in 1986 as a welder/fabricator. I spent 8 years in the shop and I welded a LOT of frames during that time. Also did a lot of deadlock reinforcements in doors along with hinge reinforcements in complete blank doors that we would keep in stock to make the hinge locations match existing frames for replacement work...that was before just about every manufacturer started offering competitors hinge and lock locations at no extra charge. If you had to supply doors that didn't match the hardware locations you have in stock, you made them...or waited 6 weeks.

I stick welded everything back then. Doors too...and sometimes that was on 20 gauge doors. A little tricky with stick, but not too bad once you got the hang of it. After 6 years of stick welding, I went to Mig for a year, then went back to stick welding for my last year as a welder. I remain a very big fan of stick over least regarding hollow metal frames. I used 6011 rods 3/32. Great penetration...and because we obviously have to grind down smooth all of our welds in Hollow Metal work, penetration is obviously very important. It's important in all welding, but with HM it's all that is holding things together in the end.

Steve Behrens
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23 May 2019 22:05 - 24 May 2019 08:35 #56 by LumberGuy
That's some good information Steve. Looks like you've done it all in this field. Glad I found you guys.
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