replacement door frame cap buttons - and a suggestion

30 Mar 2020 09:50 - 30 Mar 2020 09:53 #103 by AnotherSteveB
Hi there!

I am not a contractor, nor an industry professional. I just retired from the computer repair industry, so I'm used to pursuing problems, getting information, and fixing diverse objects that my wife usually identifies as wrong. This makes me reach out to professionals with elementary questions like the following:

Preface: We recently purchased a condo that was built circa 1976 - a poured concrete building with rolling floors and weird, nearly square walls. We've been renovating for almost a year. The construction is all "fireproof", and I've been learning about metal studs and related hardware.

So of course, the door frames are metal. They have holes near the top of the side frames, and in the top frame, that appear to be 5/16" diameter. My wife wants me to get them filled - the clue being one or two holes still having caps that have been covered with 40+ years of paint. Your website taught me that these holes are for various anchoring solutions, but do not go very far beyond that (that I have found).

The first question: Is there a specific name for these hole plugs (caps, buttons) other than "5/16 in. Nylon Locking Hole Plug" ? Searching for a part using "whatchamacallit" or "thingy" takes much longer.

The second question: Is there a Great Book of Construction Theory, Practice and Terminology somewhere for someone like me, who finds this kind of info fascinating?


Steve Bogucki
Towson, Maryland

PS: It took me a few minutes to find how to post this after searching for the answer to my question. Maybe a blurb on the home page could help other first timers.

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14 Apr 2020 10:32 #104 by AnotherSteveB
Hey, thanks for all the responses! (snort)

I ordered the 5/16 in. Nylon Locking Hole Plugs from HomeDepot. They were inexpensive. They wouldn't fit without slicing them with a razor blade so they'd have some flexibility, but they locked in nicely.

I guess non-pros just have to brute force solutions.

Be safe.

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25 May 2020 17:55 #105 by SteveB
Hi Steve B,

Sorry for the (very) late reply here. This Forum has not yet gotten too many members and has become not very active other words, I got tired of checking in all the time only to to leave somber!! :-) .

However, I am supposed to get notified when a post is made. I did not in your case. I will fix that for future posts. Glad you got it all worked out.

Thanks for your post!

Steve B

Steve Behrens

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