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What type of fastener is most commonly used to anchor the feet of a welded hollow metal frame to a concrete slab?

You'll see a lot of guys using a masonry nail gun and shooting them in to the floor. This is probably the most common way and works good, for the most part, except there are times when the anchor ends up being loose and pretty much useless as a result. This sometimes is from the gun not being held just right, going too fast trying to get the job done, a bad load in the name a few. Sometimes everything is done right but too much concrete is blown away and the hole is too big for the anchor then.

The more sure way of doing it is by drilling holes and using either tapcons or expansion anchors. It takes longer, but if you don't have a lot of frames to install it's certainly worth the extra effort to be sure the job is done right.

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Happy Easter! Just want to say thanks. Your answers are thorough and detailed, and the pictures you include are very helpful (to me anyway). Thanks for this forum. These things take a while to get going sometimes, especially in a not quite so known industry as our Division 8 stuff. But I hope people start coming around in the months ahead. I think this will be a great spot, given the time! It can be a great resource. I'll be hanging around for a long time!


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