Hollow Metal Door with Vision Lite

Commercial Metal and Wood Doors

Hollow Metal Doors - Detailed information with graphics showing door cores, available door gauges, metal vision lite kits with glass, metal door louvers and fusible link louvers for fire rated doors. The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) asked us permission to use some information and graphics from this Hollow Metal Doors page for an article they wrote "Influence of Gap Sizes Around Swinging Doors". NFPA is an important organization in our Industry and we are very proud they came to us to contribute to this article. We are on page 25 (page 43 in the PDF as it includes the "Foreword" section and the TOC).

Wood Doors - Commercial wood door thickness, wood prehungs, hollow core and solid core wood doors, types of veneer cuts, veneer matching, veneer grade specifications, and fire rated wood doors information.


Pairs of Doors - Different methods of securing a pair of doors versus a single door. What is an astragal? Removable mullion?

Fire Rated Doors - Complete fire rated door information including A, B, and C label doors, fusible link door louvers, size limitations of these louvers, requirements of a fire rated opening. What is a temperature rise door and why are they required in stairwells?

Hollow Metal Doors Classification - How hollow metal doors are classified...Levels 1 through 4, models 1 & 2. Gauges 20 through 14.

Hurricane Wind Load Testing - FBC wind load approvals on our doors and frames, difference between FBC approvals and NOA's, wind speed to design pressure chart, wind-borne debris region. What does HVHZ and BWS mean?

Galvannealed Hollow Metal Doors - Coating designations, coating weights, types of zinc coating. What's the difference between A40 and A60?