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Do they make a 3/4 hr rated 9' tall x 3' Hollow Metal door provided it has a 9sf 3/4 HR rated glazing area? THANK YOU

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asked Feb 7, 2012 in Hollow Metal Doors & Frames by anonymous
edited Aug 26, 2012 by commdoor

1 Answer

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Yes. Our single doors can be fire rated (up to 3 hours) up to and including 4'0" wide x 10'0" high so you are covered for a 3' x 9' door with a 3/4 hour rating.

On a 3/4 hour rating (C Label) you are allowed 1296 square inches of glass max. 9 sguare feet equals exactly 1296 square inches so you are good here as well.

Thanks for your question!

Steve Behrens


answered Feb 7, 2012 by commdoor (690 points)