The two most common ways to mount a door closer are either parallel arm or standard arm. The parallel (PA) arm type will mount on the push side of the door. The standard (STD) type will mount on the pull side of the door. Most door closers will be packed with the boot screwed onto the arm for STD mount and the PA bracket in the box as a loose item to be installed if needed. On [u]outswing exterior doors,[/u] you would obviously install it as a PA type to keep the closer out of the weather.
Nov 28 2015, 08:50 in Closers

The interior door closers can be mounted either way to suit your needs. Doors going into an office from a hallway would generally be installed as STD arm so the closer would not show in the hallway while storage room doors that swing out would be mounted as PA arm to keep the closer inside.

Nov 28 2015, 08:50

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