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Steve Behrens
Steve in Hollow Metal Frames
A question sent to us by email: What is the size of concrete rough opening for a door that is 3'-6" wide x 7'-0" high with 2-1/4" Jambs. Common sense would be to add the door dimensions to the jambs so that the width is 3'-10 1/2" x 7'-2 1/4". However, is there an adjustment that needs to be made for tolerance associated with the door jambs? We have been specifying a width of 3'-10" which is being questioned by our customer.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Hollow Metal Frames
A question sent to us by email: I have always called for grout at hollow metal door frames in masonry walls. I am now not sure that they are required. Obviously, we sometimes have rated openings, non-rated openings, and acoustical criteria as well. The matter has now come up where we have a door frame straddling a masonry wall with a gypsum wall board partition furred onto the CMU. Therefore there may be concern for the moisture in the grout deteriorating the gypsum wallboard. Feedback?
Steve Behrens
Steve in Comm Door Talk
iPhone users - See Comments for steps to take to view the full PC version on your mobile and have all the features of the full version! Note: this is for iPhones OR any device using Safari as the web browser. The Safari browser (the default in iOS) does not have the "Website preference" option nor does it have the option to "Request Desktop Site" like other mobile browsers do. There are several options around this:
Steve Behrens
CellMenuKey.gif Steve in Comm Door Talk
Android Users - See Comments for steps to take to view the full PC version on your mobile and have all the features of the full version! Please note this is not only for Android but also any iOS device not using Safari. Once you go to the login screen for Commercial Door Talk, press the menu key and then check "Request desktop site".
Steve Behrens
Win1.png Steve in Comm Door Talk
Windows Phone Uers - See Comments for steps to take to view the full PC version on your mobile and have all the features of the full version! The pics included here are from my phone which is running Windows version 8.1. Yours may be a bit different if you have an older version but it will still be the same process. First, go to Internet Explorer on your home screen and then touch the More option.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Comm Door Talk
Please see comments for a list of the icons you can use on this site and how to make them. Enter the text without the space in between the symbols. The space is used here only to show you the symbols. Without the space they would appear as the actual icon.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Comm Door Talk
We have an "open profile" on the site with the name "Site Feedback". If you prefer to post any feedback ANONYMOUSLY, please know ALL members can use this profile to post feedback (good or bad) to us...anonymously! Please feel free to give us any feedback, comments, rants, complaints,...anything through this profile. You can always comment through your own profile if you prefer...either on the site, by PM to @Steve, and/or by email to Steve; but if you want to do it (Cont'd in comments)...
Steve Behrens
Steve in The Plan Room
The Plan Room is a good place to talk about jobs you have coming up, projects you have completed, share strategies, or just hang out when you don't have a particular door or hardware topic in mind. Want to talk about your best project...or maybe a job that went from bad to worse in the first's the place to do it.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Specifications
Specifications is a good start for architects and GC's looking for the specs on hollow metal doors, frames, and commercial door hardware. We'll also get into some commercial door questions & answers, technical info, and tips.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Shop Talk
Shop Talk is a great place for shop work on HM doors and frames questions & answers, technical info, tips, and more. You can find out what welding rod to use in an arc welder for hollow metal frames, for example. I spent 8 years in the shop before I went into sales so I know a little about shop work. Feel free to join in and make a comment or two.
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