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Steve Behrens
Steve in Comm Door Talk
We have updated the FBC wind load approvals on our Hurricane Wind Load Testing page. Please also take a look at our "News & Updates" page (linked at the bottom of this post) as there is some news there we are very proud of! ... and 1 more links attached
Steve Behrens
Steve in The Plan Room
We finished up another...and currently the newest...Keiser University. This one is in Traditions (west Port Saint Lucie), Florida.
Steve Behrens
Hi George. I know your company is in Barbados. Hope you are recovering from both Irma and Maria hurricanes. Let us know, when you come back to the site, how things are going for you. @GeorgeMTL
Steve Behrens
Steve in Hollow Metal Doors
You can find all the FBC Wind Load approvals and documentation for all of our hurricane tested hollow metal doors and frames right here on our site...just use the link in this post and you will go right to our FBC wind load page. We made this into an organized list of what we have available and IN STOCK here at our Jensen Beach location. This is also what you need to submit to the building department for permits. Just click the one you need and print it out.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Specifications
Attached in the link in this post is a 4 page spec catalog from Premier Products. Premier hollow metal doors and frames are one of the 3 hollow metal manufacturers we use. In this attachment is all the specifications needed for an architect to specify these doors and frames and is also a good reference for GC's needing specific details on our commercial doors and frames.
Steve Behrens
Steve in The Plan Room
We just finished up the Saint James Academy in Fort Pierce, Florida job. The Academy is a Christian School and they had built a large addition. It was 52 openings total and we supplied all the doors, frames, and hardware. A nice clean job and all went off without a hitch!
Steve Behrens
Steve in HM Frame Anchors
When installing a frame into an existing concrete wall, the frame will have to be "punch and dimpled" and have expansion bolts supplied. Make sure you get the correct size when you receive your product. The 5" bolts are good for a poured slab wall but if you try to use these in a block wall that is not filled inside the block, they will be a bit too long and the expansion part will extend into the hollow part of the block and will not grab anything. The 4" bolts are needed in this case.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Closers
The two most common ways to mount a door closer are either parallel arm or standard arm. The parallel (PA) arm type will mount on the push side of the door. The standard (STD) type will mount on the pull side of the door. Most door closers will be packed with the boot screwed onto the arm for STD mount and the PA bracket in the box as a loose item to be installed if needed. On outswing exterior doors, you would obviously install it as a PA type to keep the closer out of the weather.
Steve Behrens
Steve in Hollow Metal Doors
Replacing a hollow metal door in an existing hollow metal frame? Keep in mind one size does NOT fit all! Different manufacturers have their hinge and lock preps in their doors at different locations. So make sure to measure each hinge location from the door top (FDT) to the top of each hinge, and measure the lock FDT to the centerline. We have some handy forms with pictures for you to print at the link in this post that will make it easy for you.
Steve Behrens
LeadLined.gif Steve in Hollow Metal Doors
Lead Lined doors & frames. Usually you will use a wood door but you can get a lead lined hollow metal door. 1/16" thick lead is "standard" which is 2 pieces of 1/32" lead either side of the wood door core. 1/8" ( 2 pieces 1/16" ) is also used quite often. Common options range from 1/32" to 1/8". Doors will remain 1 3/4" thick with up to 1/8" lead in them. Over that and the door thickness starts to increase so you need a special frame for a non standard thickness door in this case.
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