Using Groups

What are groups ?

Groups are distinct streams of posts specific to topics. Each group consists of members who can publish posts in that group. In Commercial Door Talk each user can join already created public groups. Groups are simply a way to organize posts. If you add a group to your post when you create it in New Post (or by going to a group page and posting from there...which automatically includes the group name in your post) everyone will still see it on the Everybody page (and the Activity page if they follow you) but it will ALSO be included in that group page as well. It is always a good idea to include a Group in your post if you can. That way you can go to the Groups section, choose the Group that pertains to your subject of interest, and see only posts related to that subject.

What if the group I want does not exist ?

Got an idea for a new group? Just ask Steve and we can discuss your idea. There may be a group already related but, if not, chances are we'll set the group up for you right away and you can get started.

How do I join a group ?

To become a member of any public group simply click on the link in the Groups section to go to that Group page and then click Join Group in the upper right, which is an icon with a + sign and profile. The group will give you rights to publish posts in the group and the avatars will appear in the tab Groups on your profile and your avatar will appear in the tab Members of the profile of the group.

Once you have joined a group you can find all the posts in its expandable list Groups in the left menu of your dashboard.

What are private groups ?

The private groups are accessible only to users who have been invited, i.e. who have received an invitation. Posts in private groups are not publicly available to all users in Commercial Door Talk.

Private groups are appropriate for sharing confidential information and discussions that should not become public.

To create a private group, you will have to contact us and we can set it up for you.

We can convert an already created public group to a private one as well. During the process of conversion from public to private group all the users who are current members of the group will continue to be members and will have access to the existing posts. · Contacts | Main Page | Doors | Frames | Hardware | Downloads | Commercial Door Talk! | About Us | Contact Us
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