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Steve Behrens

About Me

I have been in the commercial door & hardware industry for 33 years now. I started out in 1986 as a welder/fabricator in a hollow metal shop. I spent 8 years in that shop which later helped me greatly through the years performing Take-Offs, Estimating, Sales, Project Management, and Production/Operations Management...along with owning my own door & hardware business for 10 years. I have been the guy in the shop unloading the trucks and welding/fabricating the doors & frames; then to being the guy in the office reading blueprints, creating door & hardware schedules & submittals, writing up shop work orders, and training the guys in the shop & checking their work. I also spent some time working for a Hollow Metal Door Manufacturer as a District Manager so I am well rounded in this industry. Commercial doors, frames, and commercial door hardware is all I do so you can be sure you will get accurate answers to any questions you may have.


Location: Florida
Gender: Male
Birthday: October 02, 1959
Work phone: 772-334-2700
Join date: October 23, 2015
Last online: 3:03 pm, January 16, 2019


Interest : Physical Fitness, Politics, Motorcycle Riding.
Music : What is now the oldies (70s & 80s) and Country
Movies : Braveheart

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